(Ackadia web development services, test setup)
(Ackadia web development services, test setup)

Front door

Still working out what, if anything, I intend to do or offer here. See the ‘about‘ page for more.

I might share posts on hosting, web design, security. Or I may offer a range of services and options.

I was going to offer cheap and cheerful, high-quality, low cost budget sites, but you get what you pay for and I have neither the time, interest, nor patience for developing sites on the server equivalent of a bargain bin in a Pound shop.

This particular site is currently hosted on such a server.  I won’t work on my own site here, so I certainly won’t offer economy sites here for a few quid a month.

If you want a fast, well designed site, with an appropriate level of support, it will start at £300 a month, and it won’t be ‘here’!

If you want to contact me, feel free to wander across to my main site (Ackadia.com), where I ramble and grumble on a range of topics.