(Ackadia web development services, test setup)
(Ackadia web development services, test setup)


What I am about

This site will offer brutally honest and unashamedly biased advice, support, and more, as regards web development, and related topics.


What I offer

Services will include reviews and recommendations, hand-holding, and hands-off web solutions.



Want your site reviewing, proof-reading, etc., not a problem. I can offer a ‘wrapped in cottonwool’ heuristic evaluation, or I can tell you the truth, bluntly. I prefer the latter!


All in web development (caveats apply*)

This is the “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know, get on with it” version.

I’m perfectly comfortable with that. If you have something to begin with, like a flyer, business card or, hopefully, a vague idea, we can go with that.

What you do get: 

Cheap and cheerful but with all the essentials: hosting (of course), email (if you need it), page creation**, etc., proof-reading, forms, help with social media, search engine optimisation, accessibility issues, responsiveness, etc. Basically everything you need for a standard business promotional website. 

What you do NOT get, or comes at a premium:

* If you want all sorts of extras like custom themes, specific commercial fonts, bespoke images, custom graphics or logos, Paypal and card facilities and eCommerce, or basically anything I have to shell out for, start adding to the price.

As a guide, I might start around £300 a year for the basics, but if you want to look like ‘Next’, it will be several thousand, a year, up front, and while I can do it, maybe I’m not the best choice.

** Additionally, I’m good, but I’m not omniscient, I cannot be expected to know your business or special subject as well as you. I can polish what you give me but I’m not inclined to write it for you. I’d have to charge accordingly.


Hands-off web development (caveats still apply*)

Depending on you, this is either the “this ain’t my first rodeo” version, or, at worst, “I want to learn, I’ll try not to break it” version.

What you do get:

Cheap and cheerful, but with all the essentials: hosting (of course), email (if you need it), etc.

After that, you are on your own. You pick the themes, plug-ins, and so forth.

What you do NOT get, or comes at a premium:

Same deal, different day: if you want a premium plugins or themes etc, it’s up to you.

Also, official WordPress sources only, please, malware makes me cranky!


OR, if you are a registered UK charity I support, or would support:

Time and interest allowing, all the above still applies, but you might get it at cost, especially if you are an animal charity.

So, I could develop a sites similar to Tiggywinkles (hedgehogs) or Pool of Life (breast cancer) for as little as £300 a year as a one-off, or for under £100 with more interest*. Well, improved versions at any rate – those two examples could be better

*(Economies of scale).